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Fostering With Kawakuji Animal Rescue

Thank you for your interest in fostering with us! We are always in need of dedicated fosters who are able to house and love our rescue animals until they can go to their forever homes. Please read on to learn more about what fostering means and if you qualify to apply.


What is Fostering?

Being a foster carer means helping to raise or caring for an animal on a temporary basis in order to provide quality care and keep them off the streets. For Kawakuji Animal Rescue, this usually means taking care of neonatal kittens, but many other animals in different stages of life need fosters too! A loving foster carer is crucial when it comes to socializing young kittens and making sure all cats are happy and healthy until their adoption day! Fostering can be a great option if you are not ready for a lifetime commitment to a pet, but miss the companionship one provides. 

Although fostering can be a lot of work, it is a very rewarding experience. By participating in this program, you are saving lives and helping many cats find families that will love them forever. Through fostering, we can work together to save them all!


Foster Qualifications

The needs of each foster animal varies, but there are a few constants that are true for all animals. If you are able to provide the following, you are an excellent candidate to be a foster carer! 

  1. A healthy and safe environment for all of your foster cats
       - ​This could be a separate room such as a bathroom or a place that can be otherwise kitten-proofed
       - If you have your own personal pets, this is a place they can be quarantined in a separate area until it is safe for them to interact​​

  2. Time for socialization to help teach your foster cats about positive human relationships
       - The age of the foster cats will determine how much time is needed. We ask for a bare minimum of 2 hours a day for most fosters

  3. Transportation to and from vet appointments, etc.
       - Pre-approved vet care costs will be covered by Kawakuji

  4. You live within Ibaraki or a closely neighboring prefecture
       - In the case of an emergency, a Kawakuji admin should be within an hour of you

How You Can Join Us

If you think becoming a foster is a good fit for you, please send us an email by filling out the form below! 

We will contact you and conduct and informal interview to see if you'd be a good fit for our team.

Even if you have never had a young kitten before, or it has been a long time since you last cared for an animal, we will be sure to equip you with all the knowledge you need to succeed. All fosters are given training from a Kawakuji admin, in English or Japanese, and we are available at every step of your foster's development for questions or concerns.

Thank you for your consideration! <3 


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