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Our Mission

Kawakuji Animal Rescue was founded in 2019 in Ibaraki, Japan by a small group of like-minded individuals to be a safe haven for the most vulnerable populations of animals. We are a network of fosters and volunteers whose goal is to care for neonatal kittens, sick and injured animals, or seniors until they are ready to be placed into forever homes. In addition, we give back to our community by stopping the cycle of newborn kittens being born on the street by maintaining a TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) program. By teaching our community the significance of TNR and continuing to grow our network, we hope to improve the lives of all pets and animals in Ibaraki.


How Did We Get Started?

Our founder began by rescuing her first cat in 2017. It wasn't long before she noticed a greater problem of homeless cats and kittens in need of care. After rescuing two cats that became her personal pets, and unwilling to stop but unable to keep them all, she started the rescue with the first two official kittens- Kawa and Kuji. Named after two of our founder's favorite beaches in Ibaraki, Kawarago and Kujihama, these kitties started what we know as Kawakuji Animal Rescue today.

The overwhelming support from the community has kept the dream alive and soon a team of like-minded individuals was formed with one goal in mind: to help the helpless. We look forward to continuing this journey and hope to save or improve many more lives in the future.

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